Mooncode - Keysafe


Product description

The Mooncode is a safer and more secure alternative to leaving keys and valuables under a rock, car, doormat or just 'hidden' somewhere!  Leave your keys and other valuables securely locked away in this strong heavyweight  box.

The Key Safe is popular with scuba divers, snorkellers, walkers, surfers, canoeists and outdoor events when several family members may want access to the car at different times.  It is perfect for  house keys or car keys, ie for contractors, house sitters, landlords, car dealers and repair service personnel, just give them the combination however we would recommend that you only give the combination to people you can trust 100%. 

The mooncode is built of weather resistant cast steel, finished with baked paint and uses a four digital dial to set your own combination. 

This product may not fit around a tow bar.

Features: Casing and dials made of Zinc alloy, Shackle made of hardened iron steel.  Size 180mm x 80mm x 31mm.  Shackle measurement 10mm.   Weight 664 grammes.