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"The British Sub Aqua Club is the largest recreational diving club in the world and the governing body of scuba diving in the UK. Established for 50 years, the club has been responsible for the training of hundreds of thousands of scuba divers worldwide and is highly regarded as the senior international agency.
Written by Deric Ellerby, the author of The Diving Manual, this complementary text is aimed to take just-qualified divers through to dive leaders and to act as a reference source for other diver grades. Ellerby is a senior BSAC instructor/examiner and has more than 35 years of international diving experience. Chapters cover areas such as planning the dive, the diving environment, breathing gases, and types of diving. Dive leading is an essential text for those divers who are on the path to becoming a dive leader and it will remain a useful source of information throughout their diving lifetimes.
ISBN: 9781905492213 (2nd Edition 2007) Reprinted 2011

PLEASE NOTE: This book is included as part of the Dive Leader student training material effective from April 1st 2006."