Non Rebreathing Mask with head strap & tubing


Product description

The Non Rebreathing Mask provides a high concentration of oxygen and the reservoir bag allows for adequate oxygen to be available to meet the unpredictable patient's breathing pattern and tidal volume.

It is mainly recommended for Paramedic and Accident & Emergency departments. To ensure patient safety the mask is totally latex free.
The main features are Elasticated Earloop Bands, Swivel Connector
Star Lumin Tubing, and is Latex Free.
Reduced Risk of Patient Trauma - The elasticated earloop bands on the adult mask eliminate the need for the patients head to be moved to apply the mask, reducing the risk of further injury to the traumatised patient.
Reduced Risk of Bag Occlusion - The castelation on the swivel connector ensures the flow of oxygen from the bag to the patient is uninterrupted.
Star Lumen Tubing - Secured Oxygen Delivery - Star Lumen tubing, supplied with British Standard conforming connectors, ensures that the flow of oxygen is maintained even if the tube is accidentally kinked.
Ease and Speed of Fitting the Mask - The swivel connector and earloops allow the mask to be fitted swiftly with the connector being rotated to suit the patients position.
Eliminated Risk of Latex Allergy - Latex free mask and elastic bands eliminates the risk of allergic reactions to latex."