Easifil Hose Adaptor only (AP35P)


Product description

By popular demand AP Valves have produced a new insert that converts the DIN post of the APD SMBCi (SMB with mini-cylinder) to allow it to be inflated with an inflator hose (AP35P).

This allows divers to use their current SMBCi abroad if they do not want to travel with the mini-cylinder... or to use it if the mini-cylinder is out-of-service... or if they are doing less technical dives where the advantages of the mini-cylinder (gas conservation and ease-of-use) are less important to the dive-plan.

The Easifil inflator stems do not have a locking groove. This prevents the hose from becoming attached to the SMB at any point during inflation and so avoids the danger of any sudden increase in buoyancy to the diver. The hose will be connected only as long as it is held in place by the diver as shown. 

NOTE: The AP35P adaptor can be used with any make of inflator hose, not just APValves or APDiving hoses.