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DDRC Underwater Accident Manual


Product description

The latest version of the Diving Diseases Research Centre’s "Underwater Diving Accident Manual" has now been published. This new 6th Edition has been revised and updated.

This 56 page waterproof manual is intended as a guide for those involved in all aspects of diving, to aid the recognition and initial management of a diving accident victim. The diver should treat this waterproof manual as part of their diving kit, so that it is always available for use. This 6th edition includes 2010 Resuscitation Council Guideline Revisions together with a new Incident Management Flowchart for 2012. The book is still printed on waterproof paper and now includes printed tabs for fast location of the relevant sections. In the event of an accident a work sheet is provided at the rear of the book and it is intended that this should be completed and the whole book should accompany the victim (to aid medical personnel not familiar with diving medicine). As well as management of emergency situations this book covers all likely diving injuries and medical conditions from decompression sickness to stings from marine life.

Key aspects of the book are:-

Fully waterproof

Complies with the 2010 European Resuscitation Council (ERC) Guidelines for Resuscitation.

Covers all major diving accident scenarios

Clear actions to take in emergency situations

Suitable for all levels of divers from novice to technical diver

Even easier to use than ever with full index tabs"