Picture of USB GPS (BU-353 dongle) plus chart plotter (DVD)

USB GPS (BU-353 dongle) plus chart plotter (DVD)

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Product description

Purchase the BU-353 and Chart Plotter together for a complete navigation system in its own right or use it as a backup to your boats built in system.
With non-slip on the bottom and the special compact design, the GlobalSat BU-353 Water-Proof USB GPS Receiver is completely self-contained and waterproof. It incorporating the latest SiRF Star III GPS chipset and an active patch antenna so you receive a high degree of GPS accuracy.

Baud rate 4800bps


800 + portfolio of Raster Charts (2014)

Quick and easy scrolling and zooming to charts

AIS: receives and displays from an AIS receiver

Bearing and distance lines

Route, Planning and monitoring

Waypoints, MOB

Logbook, automatic, and user input

Tracking of path.

GPS and boat instrument input

Tides: graphs, tables and stream information.

Marking chart areas, warning either entering or leaving."